HID® Identity Verification Service

An AI-powered identity verification solution for digital onboarding and beyond
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Features & Benefits

HID’s Identity Verification Service (IDV) is an AI-powered solution for smooth digital onboarding and beyond. It is ideal for highly regulated industries such as banking and other financial services providers. In the era of exponential digital transformation, customer centricity and user experience, HID's IDV solution meets at a sweet spot to perfectly combine user security with the identity verification journey.

HID’s IDV is an industry-leading, all-in-one solution to fight against ID theft, fraud and money laundering. This solution can be used to support compliance with various industry regulations such as AML and KYC. Built on AI-powered decision-making technology with a three-step automated process, IDV offers the smoothest and most secure identity verification journey available in the market today. 

Our IDV solution goes beyond an onboarding solution, addressing multiple use case scenarios for new and returning customers such as account reactivation, expired document renewal, updating primary account details, registering a new device and much more. It comes with a multitude of options ranging from a simple, out-of-the-box option to highly customizable and rebranding alternatives.

Effortless Compliance 

Supports compliance with various industry regulations and guidelines to help prevent financial crimes:

  • Helps you meet compliance with AML & KYC guidelines
  • Helps you meet compliance with data protection regulations around the world such as GDPR
  • Liveness test
  • Facial matching
  • Identity document verification
  • Document + database matching
  • Image tampering prevention
  • Quick data insights
  • All-in-one solution to fight against all ID-related frauds

Frictionless Journey

The smoothest and most secure journey for businesses and users:


  • Intuitive in-app instructions
  • Image auto-capture
  • OCR data extraction
  • Customer's personal information auto-populated in app
  • In-app contextual help
  • In-app screening of capture quality
  • Push notifications
  • Low user abandonment rate


Seamlessly embed our business solution into your web, iOS, or Android workflows with a web journey or native SDKs

  • Enables ease and speed of integration with business
  • Allows message center to initiate user onboarding


Unmatched Accuracy

AI-powered decision-making technology for trusted assurance:

  • Real-time identity verification results with 99.6% accuracy
  • Support for 2000+ documents across 200+ countries 
  • Facial matching technology, iBeta PAD2 certified
  • Instant data extraction from documents and verification of security features
  • ID tampering detection
  • Crossmatching with regional and global databases

The HID Identity Verification Solution Supports:

Easy Deployment and Usage

  • Turnkey multi-tenant SaaS solution
  • Seamless user journeys  
    • Web journey / native SDK
    • Desktop to mobile hand-off with web app
  • Admin web portal for review and approval process
  • Intuitive customer dashboard to get quick data insights, intelligence and look up transactions in real-time
  • Configurable data retention policy to help achieve regulatory compliance

Flexible Integration With Customer Business Processes

  • Simplified mobile SDK (iOS/Android) with minimal integration overhead
  • Service API enabling integration with our customers’ business processes
  • Initiate onboarding
  • Real-time visibility of customer submissions
  • Real-time event driven updates with service web hooks

Robust Facial Matching Biometrics and Liveness Detection

  • iBeta PAD2 certified facial matching technology
  • Passive based liveness detection

Global Coverage With Comprehensive and Powerful Document Checks

  • Support for over 2000 government-issued identity documents from over 200 countries worldwide
  • Advanced machine learning-based document verification
  • SOC 2 Type 2 certification
  • ISO 27001 certification
  • NIST IAL 2 Certified (Ready to Operate Status)
  • iBeta PAD Level 2