HID® NCITE® Vetting Service™

Automated criminal background screening and electronic ID verification
HID® NCITE® Vetting Service™

NCITE Vetting Service is an API that facilitates the submission of queries to and retrieval of data from federal, state and local law enforcement databases. The data returned is processed by HID’s unique algorithms to determine if the responses should be flagged for review.

Key Vetting Service functions include:

  • Automated criminal background screening against agency-defined criteria
  • Electronic identity verification
  • Social Security Number (SSN) verification
  • Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) photo retrieval

Data processed by the NCITE Vetting Service includes:

  • Criminal history data from federal, state and local databases 
  • Want/warrant information from federal, state and local databases 
  • Identity information from state Department of Motor Vehicles (or equivalent agency) 
  • Person files available through NCIC federal database searches, such as Missing Persons, Gang, Foreign Fugitive and Violent Persons files, among others

Once the results of a query are returned, NCITE Vetting Service parses and processes the information provided, using custom algorithms, to check the data returned against agency-defined criteria. The result is a pass/fail response that can be used to determine whether an individual should be granted access to a facility.

Key Benefits

  • Prevents the need to manually run background checks, which can reduce time to screen from several minutes down to seconds
  • Automated screening combined with human review is more accurate than human review alone
  • Can be combined with physical ID validation to provide the highest confidence in identity verification
  • Well-documented API and sample code make integration seamless