HID® Prelaminated Inlays

Innovative prelaminated inlays for eID Cards
HID Cardlam
HID Skylam

HID Global's card inlays provide card manufacturers with the highest level of reliability, durability and card structure design versatility. Prelaminates are available with HID SOMA chip operating systems and third-party chip operating systems.

HID Cardlam™ products are optimized to extend the finished card's lifespan​. Manufactured using patented HID’s Wire Transfer, or classic wire embedding technologies, our polycarbonate, PET and PVC prelaminates provide full protection of the electronic components.

HID Skylam™ prelaminated inlays with built-in windows provide card manufacturers with the easiest and most effective way to create a window, or several windows, in polycarbonate ID cards.

Manufacturing windows in polycarbonate ID cards is a complex, costly and waste generating operation requiring additional equipment, manual operations, and process development time. Thus, many card manufacturers face difficulties to make such high-end documents cost-efficiently with acceptable yield losses. HID Skylam makes the process simple and straight forward.


Cardlam CPF

Cardlam CPF includes an ultra-thin ceFLEX™ mechanical shield providing crack prevention capabilities for extended eID card lifespan.

Cardlam UT

Over 40% thinner, our Ultra-Thin 200 micron polycarbonate inlays with DBond™ technology give document makers more room to compose complex eID card ISO structures and include security features on various inner layers than traditional 350-400 micron counterparts.

Key Features:

  • Thin – Built with the slimmest and most flexible laminate and module or chip
  • Durable – Patented technology and card construction make it exceptionally strong and resistant to everyday wear and tear
  • Reliable – Optimum chip performance especially with SOMA™ Chip
  • Operating Systems Flexible – Customized layout to match with card manufacturers requirements
  • Compliant – Exceeds relevant ISO and ICAO standards

Skylam is a ready-to-go polycarbonate inlay with built-in custom windows that can be easily assembled with the structural layers of the card prior to hot press lamination.

Key Benefits:

  • Production of window-enabled cards almost overnight with regular assembly lines
  • Lower yield losses than other solutions, no CAPEX, no development costs
  • Unsurpassed card design freedom with windows of almost any shape and size
  • Optional embedded security features available, such as Mirage™
  • One-stop-shop benefits with SOMA™ Chip Operating Systems

A Simple Process to Make Windows in ID Cards:

  • Assembly of Skylam inlays and other card layers
  • Hot press lamination
  • Card punching
  • IC Module embedding, if applicable

Card type Compatibility & Durability

Skylam is perfectly suitable for contactless, dual-interface and contact cards as well as non-chip cards. Several material sources are also available to accommodate card makers engineering choices.

Skylam inlays have been tested against the most advanced durability standard, ISO24789 (Card Service Life).