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Streamline industrial manufacturing processes with RFID technology.

RFID for Automation Integrators and OEMs

Manufacturing today is increasingly sophisticated involving a myriad of complexities and automated procedures. With this sophistication has come a greater need to monitor products as they go through the production process to achieve efficiencies that lower operating costs.

As part of an automation solution, HID Global’s RFID tags enable data to move with a product, adding information as the product travels through the manufacturing process. The tags can also monitor the performance and repair history of the manufacturing equipment.

RFID Automation Key Features

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Support all standard frequency ranges and are durable for use in the most demanding applications.
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Operate in metallic environments.
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Withstand extreme temperatures, flames, harsh chemicals and the rough handling often found in high-volume manufacturing facilities or during transportation.
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Can be branded with partner logos to support market positioning.

Our tags are ideal for most manufacturing and supply chain automation needs, and HID Global provides custom design services to create tags for special requirements.

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