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Streamline industrial manufacturing processes with RFID technology.

Manufacturing Automation Optimized With RFID

RFID tags enable data to move with a product, adding information as it travels through the lifecycle manufacturing process. The tags can also monitor the performance and repair history of the manufacturing equipment. This powers both your optimization and your decision-making efforts for greater ROI.

Automated Manufacturing Technology for Customized Solutions

HID creates customized, embedded solutions for optimal performance in everything from golf balls, to drill pipes for oil and gas exploration, to medical device trays and even tires.

HID has made and sold millions of tags globally across a wide range of industries.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is your asset metal, plastic or wood?
  • Is your asset used in a high temperature application or a harsh environment?
  • Do you need integration with existing software or complete implementation planning that meets your business requirements?

We make it easy to embed RFID tags onto virtually any surface at the manufacturing level, even within your plastic mold tooling process. Furthermore, our tags can operate in the harshest environments from oil rigs to chemical plants and more.

We also provide RFID readers, antennas including placement and installation, and other RFID hardware and hardware system design.

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RFID in Manufacturing Capabilities

Product manufacturing has undergone a massive digital transformation in recent years. Products are not just stamped out on a press and sent down an assembly line. They are an amalgam of integrated and assimilated components, each built upon their own materials, needing to meet specific requirements and having to all work together to pass quality assurance — before ever reaching the market.

When RFID technology is embedded into these components, a new level of automation, tracking and manufacturing transparency is achieved. Our multi-capable, industry-agnostic RFID capabilities include:

  • Traceability for product components and whole products as they move through the product lifecycle management process
  • Reduced downtime for manufacturing equipment as RFID sensors can aid in predicting equipment failures before they happen
  • Greater return on investment as new products or updated products can be brought to market quicker based on better decision-making from data acquired through RFID-enabled products and components
  • Better customer satisfaction as RFID-enabled products can provide valuable IoT data for future product improvement or better field service information
  • Optimized automated manufacturing operations from real-time data analytics provided by RFID sensors and tags

RFID Automation Key Features

Our tags are ideal for most manufacturing and supply chain automation needs. HID also provides custom design services to create tags for special requirements. We’re confident we can build yours.

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Frequency Ranges

Supports all standard frequency ranges.
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Tough enough to withstand the most demanding applications.
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Operates on Metal

Compatible with metallic environments.
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Harsh Environments

Capable of enduring extreme temperatures, flames, harsh chemicals and the rough handling often found in high-volume manufacturing facilities or during transportation.
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Can be branded with partner logos to support market positioning.

Wireless Condition Monitoring

Real-time predictive maintenance can help prevent unplanned downtime, yet it can be an expensive proposition. Wireless condition monitoring mitigates that expense by leveraging remote monitoring sensor technology that can be affixed not only to essential industrial equipment but also to the fleet of manufacturing equipment throughout the entire factory.

Video: Condition Monitoring From HID

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Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Technology Overview

Our RFID and IoT devices are more than just tags and labels — they are trusted technologies that not only identify assets but also connect critical infrastructure and multiply efficiencies anywhere, in real time.

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