Biometrics for Law Enforcement

Quickly capture high-quality biometric data for fast, accurate identity verification.

Maintain the Upper Hand With Biometrics

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Law enforcement agencies not only battle criminals while protecting the public, but they must also contend with ongoing challenges like budget cuts and limited resources — all amid increases in illegal activities and evolving threats.

Biometric technologies help address these challenges. With superior biometric data capture, our tools are reliable, rugged and easy to use when enrolling, verifying and confirming a person’s identity for secure checks against criminal databases.

HID is proud to support law enforcement agencies around the world with accurate, reliable biometric systems to keep citizens safe and the country secure.

Accurate, Fast, Secure and Compliant

HID’s innovative biometric portfolio is designed for use cases across law enforcement, homeland security and other government entities responsible for enrolling, identifying and verifying individuals. Key applications include:

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Criminal Booking

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Crime Investigation

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Background Checks

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Rapid ID

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Border Security

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Secure Access

Criminal Booking Made Easy With Biometrics

HID’s industry-leading criminal enrollment and identification solutions help law enforcement digitize, improve and expedite the criminal booking process. High-precision biometric devices capture astonishingly detailed fingerprint and palm print images — enabling officers to easily collect and upload details into regional/national databases to track and identify individuals across correction centers, prisons and future encounters.

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Expedite Enrollment

High-quality biometric images are captured quickly and easily at the time of booking, ensuring security and safety of booking officers.
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High Quality Biometric Data

Captures high quality biometrics data with high-contrast, low-noise prints, enabling faster and more accurate matching across a wide range of databases.
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Automated Process

Biometric data is automatically compiled into the required format and submitted to various agencies’ databases, based on the workflow.
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Centralized Record Management

Digital records—including biometric, biographical and criminal history—are easily managed, archived and can be seamlessly shared among agencies.

Videos: HID’s Global Deployment of Biometrics Identification Systems

HID Livescan System Transforms Criminal Booking for Moroccan Royal Gendarmerie

HID’s Biometric Identification System Transformed Criminal Enrollment for the UK Home Office

HID’s Identity Management Solution Improves Multi-agency Collaboration for Senegalese Gendarmerie

HID Automated Criminal Enrollment & Background Checks for Ghana's Criminal Investigative Department

Rapid ID: Identity Verification Anytime, Anywhere

Patrol officers need accurate, efficient, on-the-spot technology for identity verification. HID’s Rapid ID mobile solution is fast, easy and reliable. Plus, it’s CJIS compliant and FBI IP65 and Mobile ID FAP30 certified.

The Rapid ID solution can also be customized based on your agency’s workflow requirements. For example, HID worked with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) to create a solution that’s FDLE FALCON Rapid ID certified.

Watch this video to see how mobile identification works today

HID's End-to-End Biometric Solutions
for Law Enforcement

HID offers a comprehensive biometric portfolio, including high-performing scanners and software. No matter your use cases and budget, we have the right biometric system to meet your needs.

Biometric Scanners

tenprint scanner

High-quality image capturing of rolled and flat fingerprints

palm scanner

Compact, high-resolution scanners for tenprint and palm print capture

DP4500 reader

USB desktop fingerprint readers for enrollment and authentication

multimodal fingerprint scanner

Rugged, handheld, multimodal biometric and credential devices

Livescan cabinets

Biometric enrollment and identification for criminal booking

jump kit

Highly configurable jumpkits to meet mobile deployment needs

Iris scanner

Portable dual iris scanner

NOMAD 30 Pocket Reader

In-the-field, fingerprint image capture, identification and verification

Biometric Software & Middleware

ArcID screen

Cloud-based biometric enrollment, identity management and mobile ID

LMS software screen

Windows-based, multimodal biometric enrollment

MOBS software screen

Multimodal, biometric enrollment for Windows touchscreen and mobile devices

Commander software screen

Mobile device management and EFT transmission server

middleware concept

Tools for developing biometric enrollment applications

Real-World Use Cases

See how HID biometric technologies modernize operations, boost efficiencies and protect both officers and citizens everywhere globally.

top of police car

The Phoenix Police Department relies on HID biometric-based MFA solutions for secure, seamless identity assurance

person being fingerprinted by smart phone

A major European police force works smarter and faster to better protect citizens with HID’s mobile identification solutions.

moroccan police station

HID biometrics transform criminal booking and identification processes for Moroccan law enforcement.

policeman and crowd of people

HID biometrics modernize criminal enrollment and expedite identification processes for the UK Home Office.

Leader in Biometric Authentication

Frost & Sullivan evaluated the top global multimodal biometric authentication companies in its latest report – Frost Radar™: Biometric Authentication Solutions, 2022. HID was recognized as a leader in innovation and growth.

See why HID is a top choice for biometric authentication and digital ID solutions. 

Read the full report or view the infographic.

Frost & Sullivan innovation index

Award Recognition for Global Product Leadership

Frost & Sullivan best practices award

Frost & Sullivan awarded HID with the 2023 Product Leadership Award for its best-in-class biometric authentication solutions. Award criteria involved a rigorous assessment of product attributes and business impact.

The impressive breadth of HID’s biometric portfolio — facial recognition, fingerprint capture, as well as tenprint and palm scanners for livescan solutions — contributed to HID earning this distinction.

See why HID biometric authentication solutions excel in the industry. Read the full report.

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