Digital Wallets for the Connected Campus

Enhance the connected campus experience with frictionless and secure access to various university services, including facilities, printing terminals, libraries, cafeterias and more.

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Elevate the Educational Experience With Intelligent Identity Verification

Today’s student populations were born digital. Their mobile phones are an obvious extension of their existence. Tapping into these devices and mobile wallet functionality is a smart, convenient and secure method for upgrading on-campus access and user authentication and verification.

A Master(’s) in Digital Efficiency

Not only do digital wallets resonate with the higher education population, but they are also an effective course for streamlining administrative overhead, driving efficiencies across facilities and modernizing your overall brand.

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two college students on campus

Lessons in Versatility

A major advantage to note when it comes to RFID authentication technology is its flexibility. HID’s proven, highly secure digital credentials paired with best-in-class RFID readers and modules are not only versatile in design but also future-proof.

Add or drop functionality around this digital school supply as your access and authorization needs change with each enrollment or evolve over the years.

Learn how one forward-thinking international university secures its campus while empowering students and faculty with RFID enabled identity authentication by HID.

Les Roches Case Study

Intelligent, Easy Access to All Points of Interest

Our phones are always nearby — so toting digital IDs in our mobile wallets is intelligent on many levels. Ensure students, faculty and employees always have their credentials in hand to gain secure, streamlined access to the many touchpoints around campus. 

Watch the video to preview how universities and other environments transform into a series of secure connections with RFID authentication technology.

RFID technology authenticates people's identities across higher education spaces, places and services.

  • Buildings/Dorms
  • Vending Machines
  • Laundry Facilities
  • Parking Garages
  • Cafeterias & On-Campus Eateries (POS)
  • Printers
  • Elevators & Turnstiles
  • Class Attendance 
  • Events & Ticketing
  • Recreation Centers
  • Annual Registration & Back-to-School

Earn Top Marks With HID RFID Authentication Solutions

Our smart portfolio of OMNIKEY® RFID desktop readers and embedded modules provides all the flexibility needed to seamlessly graduate your identity authentication and access system as requirements come and go.

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