Fraud Prevention for the Banking Industry

Combat fraud effectively while ensuring seamless experiences for your users with our comprehensive fraud prevention suite. Detect, prevent and protect with confidence — with a single, trusted vendor.

Seamless Security, From Onboarding to Every Transaction

According to industry estimates, one in twenty digital transactions is fraudulent. Protect your customers — and your bottom line — with a comprehensive approach to fraud prevention, custom built for financial services.

The HID fraud prevention portfolio is an integrated set of solutions designed to help banks and other financial service providers safeguard assets and adapt to evolving threats. From streamlined identity verification to real-time transaction monitoring and a powerful authentication platform, these technologies leverage advanced AI, strong authentication capabilities and intuitive workflows to protect users without compromising convenience.     

Take a Preventative Approach to Fraud Prevention

The cost of fraud is staggering. In fact, a single data breach costs organizations an average of $4.45 million! 

Fight back with the industry’s most proactive fraud prevention portfolio — and solutions that secure the entire customer journey, from account opening to log-ins and transactions.

reduction in online fraud* 80% Minimize friction and maximize customer loyalty with seamless security at each log-in and transaction.
fewer false positives* 90% Don’t waste time on threats that aren’t real. Multilayered, real-time detection reduces loss and increases efficiency.
banks and financial institutions worldwide HID is trusted by the world’s most regulated industries, with certified solutions that safeguard data and respect user privacy.

* Based on independent customer testing

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Built for Banking

Financial fraud is relentless. HID’s fraud prevention portfolio helps banks, credit unions and other financial institutions deliver both comprehensive protection and an exceptional customer experience. These multilayered technologies offer:

  • Frictionless Onboarding — Protect new accounts from the start with streamlined identity verification that works in minutes to confirm customer identities
  • Risk Based Authentication — Block suspicious log-in attempts and step up authentication when you need it with adaptive technologies that adjust to different risk profiles and transaction contexts
  • Zero-Day Fraud Detection and Mitigation — Prevent fraudulent transactions with real-time transaction monitoring and behavioral intelligence that analyzes unique, measurable patterns in customer activities

The Broadest Fraud Prevention Portfolio

HID’s fraud prevention portfolio integrates multiple technologies to protect each log-in and transaction.

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AI-Powered Risk Management

Real-time threat and fraud detection using behavioral intelligence to secure digital banking

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Digital Identity Verification

AI-Powered identity verification for digital onboarding and beyond

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HID® Approve, Powered by the Authentication Platform

Comprehensive, scalable authentication that delivers the right security to the right user

Security at Scale

Threats change. With HID’s fraud prevention portfolio, you’re always a few steps ahead. Here’s what sets us apart:

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Comprehensive Protection

Our cutting-edge solutions safeguard each stage of the customer’s digital banking journey.
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User-Friendly Technologies

We help you create extraordinary customer experiences with tools that balance security and convenience.

Scalable Architecture

Rigorous tests ensure that we deliver the speed, scalability and security you need — without compromising back-end performance.

What Fraud Prevention Experts Are Saying

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“HID Global’s infrastructure can scale as needed … [providing] advanced fraud reduction with built-in identity proofing capabilities that utilize the latest high security crypto standards.”

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“HID has become a benchmark in the industry for its vision, strategy, and execution excellence ... to remain one of the top choices for biometric authentication and digital ID solutions.”

Trusted by Banks Worldwide

HID’s award-winning fraud prevention portfolio is trusted by the world’s most regulated industries, including 100+ banks and financial institutions around the globe.

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Erste Group, Austria

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Al Ain Finance, UAE

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Certified to the Highest Standards

Take Fraud Prevention to the Next Level

Keep Up With the Latest in Fraud Prevention

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