In partnership with ASSA ABLOY, HID extends IoT Services into the hospitality industry. Access to real-time actionable data enables a safe workplace for workers, delivers a frictionless guest experience, tracks assets and monitors facility equipment to prevent downtime within the property.

Employee Verification

Staff Safety & Guest Engagement

Workplace safety is of the upmost importance in the industry. Hotels must implement a secure, real-time distress system for housekeeping personnel in order to comply with new local and state regulations. By implementing HID Location Services, your staff is armed with a real-time distress system. With a press of a button or voice activation, authorities are alerted of the distress and can pinpoint an employee’s location immediately.

Also, elevate your guest experience with location services. Make your guests’ stays more comfortable, more convenient, more productive and more secure. HID Location Services lets you rethink your service loyalty programs and more effectively engage with guests.


Locate Assets & Monitor Facility Equipment

HID Location Services is easily extended to track hotel property assets in real-time. Using a single platform, real-time location of equipment, tools & resources allows hotel staff to quickly respond to guests, be more efficient and improve other operational processes.
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Additionally, capital equipment like elevators, escalators and HVAC equipment is easily monitored for performance and health to prevent operational downtime. React quicker to maintenance issues, predict failures and drive cost efficiencies using HID Condition Monitoring.
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Textile Services for Hospitality

Our linen inventory management solution, backed by the expertise, experience and innovation we are known for, provides a real-time sight-line into your linen inventory and availability. 

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