Location Services in Hospitality

Rethink operations, ensure staff safety and elevate the guest experience.

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Guest Engagement & Staff Safety

In partnership with ASSA ABLOY, HID extends IoT technology to the hospitality industry providing real-time, actionable data that enables a safe venue and delivers a frictionless guest experience. 

HID Location Services allows hotels to proactively meet needs, rethink loyalty programs and offer robust digital engagement. It also arms them with a real-time distress system that complies with local and state regulations. With the press of a button or voice activation, authorities are alerted and can pinpoint an employee’s location immediately.

Locate Assets

HID Location Services is easily extended to track hotel property assets in real time. Using a single platform, real-time location of equipment, tools & resources allows hotel staff to quickly respond to guests, be more efficient and improve other operational processes.

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Monitor Facility Equipment

Additionally, capital equipment like elevators, escalators and HVAC equipment is easily monitored for performance and health to prevent operational downtime. React quicker to maintenance issues, predict failures and drive cost efficiencies using HID Condition Monitoring.

Textile Services for Hospitality

Our linen inventory management solution, backed by the expertise, experience and innovation we are known for, provides a real-time sight line into your linen inventory and availability. 

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Mobile Solutions

ASSA ABLOY Vingcard RFID locks are operable with mobile devices through Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) technology.

Smart Components

RFID & BLE Smart Components add speed, accuracy, security and efficiency to an expansive range of applications.

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