Linen, Uniform and Laundry Management

Gain visibility into and control of your textile inventories anywhere and at anytime.

Improve Your Operational Efficiencies, Reduce Your Management Costs

HID provides a real-time laundry linen inventory management system combining RFID laundry tags, RFID equipment and software. The system enables users to accurately and rapidly identify, track and manage large amounts of textile assets such as bed linen, towels, robes, uniforms and workwear.

End-to-End Automated Textile Asset Tracking

If your hotel, resort, healthcare facility or commercial laundry are experiencing the common linen management pain points including lack of stock visibility, periodic shortages, poor linen quality control, wasted admin time and rising costs of linen losses, then HID has an innovative solution for you.

HID has over 25 years of expertise in RFID and laundry processes and offers a complete management platform for linen and uniforms — with on-premises or cloud services, depending on your infrastructure. We integrate the latest in RFID technology and user-friendly web apps and interfaces to enable close to 100% control of linen and uniform inventory by our customers, including laundries, hotels, casinos, resorts, hospitals and nursing homes.

Linen, Uniform and Laundry Management Key Features

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Improve Operational Efficiencies

Control the flow of your assets anywhere/anytime, perform faster and more accurate counts, improve on-time delivery performance, automate garment dispensers and manage wearer details.
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Reduce Costs

Cut labor and overtime costs, reduce yearly linen purchases, eliminate supplier/customer discrepancies and billing issues.
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Monitor Quality & Laundry Services

Validate shipments and receipts, track the number of washing cycles per item, and manage textile lifecycles — from purchasing to daily use and final discard.

How the Acuity Linen Management Platform Works

A Laundry Management Solution With Actionable Insights

HID designs and produces the full solution to manage textile assets. We help organizations gain control and visibility of their textile inventory by offering the most competitive RFID tags resistant to laundry processes, purpose-designed RFID equipment for single to bulk inventory controls and software suites for SaaS or on-premises implementation.

Our system provides real-time data at every step of the washing, sorting and distribution cycle whether it is in the laundry, in transit or at the place of use. Our inventory management software integrates seamlessly into existing laundry processes as well as enterprise resource planning (ERP), and features user-friendly web portals for administration, order management, invoicing, production control, driver’s run, delivery, pickup and inventory. Users get instant access to their management platform through a dedicated web page — from any device — and benefit from actionable insights with real-time interactive dashboards and reports.

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An Intelligent RFID Uniform Tracking System

HID provides the most comprehensive and user-friendly system for managing all aspects of uniform and scrubs operations — from purchasing, employee assignment and daily use to final discard. The uniform inventory management software records who is responsible for each uniform, monitors inventory levels, keeps the current location of each garment, monitors daily pick-ups and drop-offs, controls the quantity of garments each employee is allowed to have and tracks employee responsibility and uniform losses.

The system accurately records laundry activity to eliminate losses and overcharges, tracks rental garments and customer-owned uniforms, and monitors uniform usage and aging to maintain quality standards and forecast purchases. Finally, the system records uniform repairs and alterations, sales to employees, as well as locker and conveyor assignments.

Digitalizing Linen and Uniform Management in Hospitality and Healthcare

HID’s linen and uniform management platforms enable real-time inventory availability and visibility over textile assets for multiple industries, including:

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Linen Manufacturers

Seamlessly and automatically integrate RFID tags into textile items during the manufacturing process.
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Commercial Laundries

Optimize your laundry operations with increased processing speed and accuracy, while improving profitability, whether in rental or wash-only mode.
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Hotels, Resorts, Casinos, Spas & Restaurants

Get a clear vision instantly over your linen stocks so you can focus on reducing your total cost of operation, satisfying your customers and growing your business.
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Reduce time and cost to manage linen and scrubs, improve linen availability and prevent spread of infections by ensuring textile rotation.
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Nursing Homes

Focus on the well-being of senior residents by ensuring each item is identified, traced and returned — from residents’ personal wear to bed linens, towels and staff uniforms.
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Many industries and institutions can benefit from HID’s linen and uniform management system — from convention centers and cruising lines to theme parks, stadiums, cleanrooms and army and police departments.

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