RFID Laundry Management System

Optimize your laundry operations and improve profitability.

RFID Inventory Management for Laundries

Helping laundries control their linen inventory in real-time means improving service quality while reducing operational costs. HID’s linen management platform, combining RFID tags, RFID equipment and cloud software, helps speed up the laundry cycle from pickup to delivery, reduce losses and enhance productivity.

Acuity linen cycle

HID’s innovative linen tracking solution

SaaS Based Platform for Better Efficiency

Whether in rental or wash-only mode, industrial laundries rely on HID’s linen management platform to optimize the linen and garment flows. ACUITY is an innovative, cloud-based linen management platform, featuring software suites and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications that help laundries gain control and visibility of each individual textile item at every step of the washing, sorting and distribution cycle.

ACUITY is an all-in-one platform for laundry and client management. It integrates seamlessly into existing laundry processes and features user-friendly web portals for administration, order management, invoicing, production control, driver’s run management, delivery, inventory and much more. Through a unique web page, users get instant access to their linen management platform, and benefit from actionable insights with comprehensive, detailed and real-time information from dashboards and reports.

Key Benefits:

  • Accelerates linen wash cycles and rotations to/from customer sites
  • Improves laundry production planning, reduces errors and operational costs
  • Minimizes linen losses, saves on linen purchases
  • Reduces shortage situations and anticipates customer requirements
  • Enhances service quality to provide competitive advantage
Acuity software screen
Acuity software screen
Acuity software screen

How Do RFID Laundry Tags & Equipment Work?

HID’s linen management system combines powerful software suites, RFID tags and RFID equipment.

RFID Laundry Tags

HID’s LinTRAK tags are OEKO-TEX®-certified, durable and engineered for easy and discreet insertion into any textile item.

Embedded RFID laundry tag

HID’s LinTRAK tags are durable and discreet when inserted into your textiles.

RFID Equipment

HID’s purpose-built fixed and mobile RFID readers and stations are used throughout the laundry process to collect data from hundreds of linen tags simultaneously and automate laundry processes. From handheld terminals to conveyor antennas, walk through cabins and portals, HID provides the most competitive RFID hardware solutions.

laundry being scanned in chute
laundry chute
RFID laundry cabinet

Various RFID tag reader options from mountable to cabinets.

Software Suites

Our packaged cloud software solution features user-friendly web interfaces for order management and fulfillment, delivery/pickup/inventory/stock visibility status, as well as direct laundry chats for specific requests. It integrates seamlessly into existing laundry processes and ERPs.

person using laundry tracking software on tablet

HID’s Acuity SaaS-based linen management platform offers a wealth of real-time features from order management to inventory status and more.

stack of towels in cart

From the Loom to the Cloud — Textiles Get Smart

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HID Textile Services Portfolio

person using laundry tracking software on phone

Lindström Chooses HID RFID Readers to Improve Operational Transparency and Enhance Customer Experiences

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