Modular Facial Recognition Offerings

Faster, More Flexible Deployment With Customizable Components

Very few biometric authentication projects fit snugly into a one-size-fits-all offering. With system performance, security and user experiences hanging in the balance, implementing facial recognition solutions could be a long, complex and costly process.

HID offers tailored components designed to support various partner requirements and budgets. Tap into the facial recognition offerings you need today and expand into additional solutions as requirements change. It’s flexible, for you!

Modular Solution Approach Software Development Kit Biometric Server ID Proofing Server Device Management Biometric Professional Services Camera Hardware

Deploy As Your Needs Evolve

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U.ARE.U Camera Identification System

Deliver fast, accurate on-device face matching based on HID’s patented MSI technology and AI advancements. The easy-to-install edge AI camera delivers on-device biometric processing with maximum security and reliability.
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Experience a simple, low-risk approach when adding the power of facial recognition with advanced presentation attack detection to your existing mobile apps. The face SDK is available for Android® and iOS®.
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ArcID ID Proofing Server

Match selfies with ID documents for smooth, accurate and secure identity verification for eKYC and customer onboarding. Can be easily customized for our partner’s requirements.
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ArcID Biometric Server

This is HID’s blue-chip biometric component. Highly advanced and scalable, it provides full facial matching, 1:1 verification and 1:N identification on-premises or in the cloud.
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ArcID Device Manager

Utilize this user-friendly software application to remotely manage and monitor HID’s biometric devices: provisioning, software updates, security from anywhere, and easy status reporting.
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Biometric Professional Services

Count on a global team with technical and industry expertise to help scope, plan and deploy facial recognition projects from start to finish. We are here to help maximize your technology investment!
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