Parking Access & Ticketing

Unlock swift, convenient parking access with easy-to-deploy barcode and contactless payment readers.

HID Parking Access & Ticketing

Over the past decade, the parking sector has experienced a significant drive toward automation. Smart parking access and ticketing are the de facto standards, helping operators increase efficiency to improve every aspect of the customer experience.

HID’s ticket readers for on-street and off-street parking can be programmed to instantly read barcode or RFID tickets, passes, and tokens from smartphones, tablets, smartwatches and paper — in any orientation and from a single point of presentation.

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Enhancing Parking Management

HID’s barcode readers have been installed in car parks worldwide for more than 20 years by many of the largest parking management systems providers. The robust design, flexibility, and reliability of these readers have made them the ideal solution for integration in a wide range of environments and applications.

Key Benefits of HID Parking Access & Ticketing

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Flexible Options

RFID/NFC tickets or tokens and 1D/2D barcodes read from mobile phones, tablets, wearables, contactless cards and paper presented in any orientation.
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Reliable Performance

Optimized imaging and water-resistant construction with no moving parts provides read reliability and high-speed performance for years of reliable indoor and outdoor public use.
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Operator Efficiency

Easily integrates into kiosks, ticket machines, turnstiles and access gates to optimize efficiency.
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Enhanced Customer Experience

Contactless payments enabled with high-speed performance expedite parking entry and exit.

Secure Access to Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Points

As the use of electric vehicles increases across the globe, EV charging points are now common-place in parking structures of all types. Trusted HID RFID technology is essential to ensure only those authorized gain access to activate the charging facility.

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