RFID Laundry Management

Laundry management uses RFID technology to effectively manage commercial or private linens, garments or mats, optimizing inventory and reducing human error in washing and billing processes.

Best in class RFID for laundry systems

For institutions that require a constant flow of clean linen, uniforms, work wear, medical garments, or janitorial supplies, HID Global’s washable RFID transponders enable automated systems to track large volumes of individual items faster and more accurately.

The RFID tags enable uniform companies, hospitality organizations, commercial cleaners, and medical facilities to automatically track clothing, linens, rags and other assets for accurate, efficient inventory management and accounting practices.

Select HID tags are designed for high performance in commercial laundry applications in all standard frequencies. The tags withstand compression, exposure to detergents and chemicals, and the high temperature requirements of laundry and sterilization processes.

Highly Compact
HID Logi Tag® RFID Tags

HID® Logi Tag® RFID Tags

  • Compact form factors
  • Temperature and chemical resistant
  • Optional encoding or laser engraving
  • Sew on button available
Most Robust


  • Robust durability
  • Hem, stitch or heat-transfer
  • Consistent read performance
  • Optimized for commercial laundry
  • Patented design for harsh linen washing
Most Flexible
HID SlimFlex™ RFID Tags

SlimFlex™ RFID Tag

  • Embedded in hem or pocket
  • Designed for garment, uniforms etc.
  • Withstands commercial washing
  • Laser engrave barcodes or text