RFID Waste Management

Optimizing efficiency and traceability in waste management with RFID.

Waste Management Fleet Tracking Made Easy

Field-proven tags and reader boards for waste management tracking from the RFID tag leader. HID helps municipalities and waste removal services automate waste collection and optimize waste management fleet tracking to enable pay-as-you-throw and recycling incentive programs.

RFID Waste Management Key Benefits

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RFID waste management solutions support identification and traceability of waste streams.
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Industry standard tags enable operators to monitor sorting quality, track the number of times a container is placed for collection and track the weight of its contents.
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Waste bin RFID tags simplify service billing and support the implementation of incentive-based invoicing.

A Trusted Source for Contactless RFID Tags

With years of experience and literally millions of transponders in use, HID’s product line has come to mean quality in secure contactless applications around the world.

Bin and container manufacturers can choose from a broad spectrum of LF, HF and UHF passive contactless transponders. Robust features provide various levels of resistance to water, chemicals, shock, temperature extremes and physical wear. For field-deployed assets, HID Bin Tags and Plug Tags install easily into standard nests, including metal bins and DIN 30745 plastic bins. Identify, track, weigh and cut costs for actionable insights.

Learn about Bin Tags and Plug Tags for waste management.

Additional designs provide flexibility and versatility to tag bins and containers of any size, shape or composition.

To complete the solution, HID offers top quality reader boards that meet all established standards and have consistently raised the bar for performance. These boards can be incorporated into hand-held or vehicle-mounted devices, as well as connected to a variety of controller and host systems.

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How Does RFID-Enabled Waste Management Tracking Work?

First, a specialized HID RFID hard tag is embedded or affixed to the bin/container. Then, an RFID reader with antenna is integrated into the truck’s loading structure to instantly capture the IDs of each bin. Data collected, like container type, weight or collection time, is used to monitor collection activity, improve route planning, elaborate statistics and reduce operating costs.

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