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Simple security that protects privacy and conserves resources.

Take Stock in Your Paper Trail

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It is common to hit “print” and then forget to retrieve the document. It has been estimated that 20% of print jobs are never picked up from the output tray.

For many organizations  especially those in healthcare and finance  users interact often with sensitive, personal information. A pileup on the printer can be a large, looming liability.

With 70% of organizations falling victim to a print-related data breach, there’s clearly a need to rein in risk when it comes to churning out hardcopy content.

Secure print software and hardware help maintain a clear compliance path in the office  while leaving more trees to flourish in the forest.

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With employee badge in Apple Wallet, employees can access office doors, elevators, turnstiles, multifunction printers and much more using just their iPhone or Apple Watch. It’s easy, convenient and secure. Employee badge in Apple Wallet integrates into existing access control systems, is simple to distribute and manage, and takes advantage of the built-in security features of iPhone and Apple Watch.

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A Sensible Approach to Printer Functionality

Using pin pad codes and passwords are convenient when working with a printer. But they can easily be forgotten or shared. Having the ability to print at will from near or far doesn’t guarantee those pages will be picked up in a timely manner (or ever), increasing the chances they end up in the wrong hands.

Adding secure print functionality to workplace settings brings numerous advantages. A print-upon-approach means the job isn't released to print until the user is within a designated range. This not only closes potential windows of risk, but also prevents waste and supports environmental efforts.

How Secure Print Works

Secure print functionality is enabled by integrating RFID products (embedded modules and external desktop readers) into printers. The secure print technology holds print jobs until the identity of the authorized person is verified. This verification is done using different types of credentials and form factors, including cards, mobile phones and smart watches. The print job is only released to the output tray when the individual authenticates themselves — ensuring important information isn’t left unattended and materials aren’t forgotten or wasted.  

The OMNIKEY® family of desktop readers supports any smart card for any applications on any computer, while enabling strong authentication to digital devices, networks or cloud services. Included in multifunction printers the OMNIKEY embedded modules can virtually authenticate every proximity and contactless smart card, giving employees the ability to use a single identification badge (or credentials such as a mobile phone, smart watch, etc.) to access and interact with printers.

Take An Access Adventure With OMNIKEY Interactive Experience

Preview how various settings — workplace, higher education, healthcare and more — transform into ecosystems of efficiency with simple, secure RFID connections.

Interact with our Choose Your OMNIKEY tool to mix-and-match access point possibilities driven by HID’s single Powerful Platform for RFID User Authentication.

Benefits of Secure Print

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Lowers Costs

Increases savings by reducing paper, toner and electricity usage.
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Generates Revenue

Facilitates the ability to charge for print-on-demand.
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Champions Compliance

Provides an additional layer of data protection and complies with industry-specific requirements such as HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, PCI and GDPR.
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Extends Credential Reach

Enhances your security investment by broadening the usage around existing credential technology.
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Boosts Productivity

Supports enhanced, onsite collaboration through a seamless user experience.

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