Uniform Management System

Manage all aspects of uniform assignment, cleaning and life cycle with this comprehensive uniform tracking solution.

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HID’s InvoTech has extensive experience and industry expertise. We have been developing comprehensive software and providing inventory management solutions since 1993. Our solutions integrate the latest technology and equipment for uniform management and inventory control. 


RFID or Barcode for Accurate Uniform Tracking

Uniform tracking can be established by utilizing RFID or barcodes.
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Compatibility With Conveyor Interfaces

Our RFID uniform tracking solution interfaces with leading garment conveyor systems.
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End-to-End Uniform Inventory Tracking

The uniform inventory system tracks laundry wash cycles and pick-up/return activity.
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Actionable Uniform Tracking Analytics

HID’s InvoTech solutions provide scheduled reports that are critical to uniform management, from forecasting uniform purchases to inventory levels.

HID’s Comprehensive and User-Friendly System: Managing All Aspects of Uniform Tracking Operations

Enable your business to accurately manage uniform inventories by tracking uniform assignments to employees and monitoring inventory conditions and levels.

Key Benefits of Our Uniform Tracking Solution

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Eliminates Uniform Losses

Eliminate unaccounted inventory losses associated with employees and daily laundry activity.
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Improves Labor Productivity

Uniform tracking systems deliver greater labor productivity by eliminating manual tasks and automating record keeping.
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Reduces Unnecessary Purchases

The uniform tracking software knows what items to replace and when in order to maintain quality standards.
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Lowers Laundry Expenses

Reduce laundry expenses by controlling cleaning activities and preventing overcharges from outside laundries.

How It Works

Uniform tracking eliminates many labor-intensive manual tasks that occur due to separating and hand-counting inventories. It reduces human error, labor costs, and theft to provide real-time information for ongoing cost savings benefits and optimal inventory management.

RFID Tags RFID tags (or barcode labels) are attached to each uniform piece. Uniform Inventory Uniforms are entered into the system to establish the inventory, and to identify and track each piece. Employee Assignments Uniforms are assigned to employees and tracked when issued and returned. Laundry Tracking Uniforms are tracked to and from the laundry. Extensive Reporting Reports on inventory, employees, laundry activity and more.
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Access critical information at the tip of your fingers such as:

  • Available uniform inventory by type, size, location, quantities and value
  • Employee uniform assignments
  • Purchasing forecast based on inventory, usage and aging
  • Uniform life cycle management (wash cycles, aging and discard)
  • Uniform inventory control: wash cycle completed, clean received

Current Industries That Benefit From HID’s InvoTech Uniform Management Systems

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Hotels, Resorts and Casinos

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Convention Centers

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Theme Parks


Stadiums and Arenas

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Laundries and Cleanrooms


Medical Centers

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the difference between barcode uniform tracking and RFID uniform tracking?

RFID uniform tracking system:

  • Eliminates the need to sort, hand count or individually scan items
  • Allows for contactless tracking

Barcode uniform tracking system:

  • Offers an affordable solution to uniform management operations
  • Enables garments to be processed individually by hand
2. What is RFID and how does it work in uniform management?

Radio-frequency identification (RFID) is a technology that uses radio waves to identify and track items, making it ideal for uniform management. RFID tags are small, discreet and attached to the items, allowing for automated tracking and data collection without line of sight needed. A key benefit is the fact that several hundred items can be identified and processed at once, unlike other item identification technologies. 

3. What are RFID tags and how do they work in uniform management?

The RFID tags are attached to all uniforms to uniquely identify each individual uniform piece. RFID tags have a configurable read range from less than one foot to 30 feet for reading. RFID tags withstand all laundry processes for at least 200 wash cycles. This includes washing, drying, pressing and even the most rigorous laundry requirements such as sterilization and high-pressure water extractors. HID provides RFID tags pre-inserted in fabric pouches to be easily sewn into the uniforms, or heat-sealable RFID tags can be provided. RFID tags are often provided to the uniform suppliers to be attached during the uniform manufacturing process.

4. What is RFID equipment and how does it work in uniform management?

HID provides uniform tracking equipment based on each customer’s unique environment and operational requirements. HID also assists with determining the appropriate location for the RFID equipment to be installed for the most efficient uniform tracking process. The RFID equipment is configured by the HID | InvoTech software for optimum performance and accuracy.

  • Uniform Pick-Up Reading Stations
  • Soiled Uniform Reading Stations
  • Portable Handheld Readers With InvoTech Mobile Software
  • Uniform Pick-Up/Return Reading Stations on Automated Conveyors
  • Uniform Self-Issue Reading Stations
  • Laundry Cart/Uniform Rack Reading Stations With Touch-Screen Computer
  • Restricted Uniform Control Reading Stations
5. Does HID’s InvoTech Uniform System interface with other technologies?

Automated Garment Conveyor Systems Interface
We interface with the highest quality and most widely used uniform conveyor systems for automatically delivering uniforms to employees. This provides employee and uniform details to the automated conveyors to know which uniforms are assigned to each employee. The RFID equipment on the automated conveyors updates the HID | InvoTech software to know which uniforms were picked up and returned by the employees. The automated conveyor systems provide additional cost saving benefits to the savings already provided by the HID | InvoTech solutions.

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Our system seamlessly interfaces with all conveyor systems, not limited to the companies listed above.

Human Resources Interface
We interface with Human Resource systems to automatically update the uniform system with new employees, changes to employee details and terminated employees. The HID | InvoTech Human Resources interface enables more efficient processes and ensures accuracy of the employee information. 

InvoTech Laundry Interface
We interface with the HID | InvoTech Laundry to enable the laundry operations to also benefit from the RFID tags in the uniforms. Information is shared between the RFID uniform system and the RFID laundry system to provide complete inventory tracking through the laundry process, to eliminate discrepancies and disputes with the laundry.

6. Are HID’s InvoTech solutions paperless?

The HID | InvoTech solutions integrate electronic signature technology for recording employee signatures to establish accountability for uniform assignments and sales. The HID | InvoTech on-prem and cloud-based solutions are paperless. The reports can be viewed or generated in file format (Excel or PDF), which can be easily emailed or printed. Reports may also be scheduled to be automatically emailed (on-prem only).

7. Do HID’s InvoTech solutions support multilingual users?

The HID | InvoTech solutions can be used in various languages including English, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Vietnamese to meet the needs of our international clientele. The uniform system automatically opens in the preferred language of the system user, based on the user's log-in settings. Additional languages can be added.

8. Do I have to have a certain size operation to deploy a garment management solution?
  • The cloud-based solution is ideal for medium to small uniform management operations
  • The on-prem solution is scalable for most uniform management operations
9. What other solutions do we provide?
  • Linen System — The Linen System efficiently manages linens for the hospitality and healthcare industries, with an on-prem solution called InvoTech on-prem and a cloud-based solution called Acuity linen management platform.
  • Laundry System — The Laundry System is a solution to manage industrial laundry operations, hotel, and hospital laundries, with an on-prem solution called InvoTech on-prem and a cloud-based solution called Acuity linen management platform.

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