HID® ActivID™ ActivClient™-Software

Smart card strong authentication to protect computers and networks
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HID ActivID ActivClient software guards against an ever-changing threat landscape by providing organizations with risk-appropriate and secure access to corporate IT assets.

ActivClient allows organizations to move beyond simple passwords and deploy the best strong authentication solution for their environment. Choosing from a range of credential options, including smart cards and smart USB keys, organizations can authenticate users to a wide variety of desktop, network, mobile, cloud and productivity applications.

ActivClient goes beyond advanced authentication and also enables support for digital signature and encryption, protecting the organization’s data in transit and at rest.

ActivClient has been deployed in over four million desktop installations and is interoperable with leading smart cards, smart USB keys, readers, operating systems, certificate authorities, network environments and enterprise applications.

With ActivClient, organizations can confidently:

  • Increase security — proven technology that is widely adopted, and offers a user-friendly strong authentication experience
  • Improve compliance — complies with major government and industry regulations
  • Optimize productivity — single, versatile strong authentication tool for both Windows login and remote access
  • Reduce costs — integrates easily into existing infrastructure and designed to deploy at scale without burdening IT staffs

HID ActivID ActivClient enables organizations to protect access to their network, systems and cloud-based applications to effectively mitigate risks of data breaches, while reducing costs and improving productivity.

ActivClient supports:

  • Environments
    • Microsoft®: Windows 10, Windows 11, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2019, Windows Server 2022
    • Apple® OS X: OS 10.8, OS 10.9, OS 10.10, OS 10.11
    • Linux®: Red Hat® Enterprise Linux 6.5, CentOS 6.5, Debian 7.3 and Ubuntu 12
  • Smart card-based public key infrastructure (PKI) authentication for Windows login, VPN, Web Login, Remote Sessions, as well as data security, digital signature and secure email
  • Two-factor authentication with one-time passwords (OTP) when deployed with ActivID AAA Server for Remote Access or ActivID Appliance
  • Deployment as a standalone end-user client
  • Deployment together with ActivID Credential Management System (CMS) for enterprise-level credential lifecycle management
  • SDK compliant with popular APIs such as Microsoft Mini Driver, PKCS#11, PIV and BSI, to smart card-enable your applications