HID® Crescendo® C2300 Series

High security smart card for IT and physical access
  • HID® Crescendo® C2300 Series Card
Overview | Specifications

The Crescendo C2300 provides a high assurance identity, enabling organizations to implement Zero Trust security architecture. Crescendo can be used as a corporate badge, protecting access to facilities, as well a means to protect access to IT networks, computers and applications, whether they are internal or cloud-based. Crescendo is designed to be easy and fast to deploy while expanding with continuously evolving needs thanks to proven standards such as PIV and FIDO2.

The Crescendo C2300 from HID Global provides:

  • Seamless compliance while protecting networks, computers and applications with strong authentication.
  • Digital signature, enabling users to verify the provenance of emails and documents.
  • Data encryption, allowing only authorized users to access sensitive information.
  • A converged corporate badge, allowing the use of one single smart card for visual identity, network, cloud authentication and physical access.
  • Secure printing, to ensure confidentiality and guarantee stronger data protection.

Crescendo can be used in stand-alone mode or centrally managed by ActivID® Credential Management System or HID Credential Management Service. It works in combination with ActivClient® middleware.

Furthermore, Crescendo is part of the ActivOne, HID PIV Express™ and HID PIV Enterprise™ solutions which help organizations improve their security posture, comply with mandates, and improve the user experience

  • HID® Crescendo® C2300 Series Card
Overview | Specifications

This dual interface card works with ISO-7816 contact smart card readers and ISO-14443 (NFC) contactless smart card readers and implements the following industry standards:

  • FIDO2 certification in progress, compatible with W3C Web Authentication implemented by all major web browsers; Microsoft-compatible security key
  • FIPS201/PIV compatible, provides interoperability for PKI / digital certificates
  • GlobalPlatform® remote secure management capability
  • Seos®, Prox, and MIFARE DESFire EV1 physical access technology
  • FIPS 140-2 security certification for the card platform
  • HID® Crescendo® C2300 Series Card
Overview | Specifications