Biometrics in Banking & Finance

Protect against identity fraud while delivering a secure, seamless customer experience.

Identity Assurance at Every Customer Touchpoint

Banking should be easy and safe while ensuring assets are protected. Today, banks around the world are turning to biometrics for identity authentication to strengthen security, increase efficiencies and improve the user experience. 

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How Biometrics Are Transforming
Banking and Financial Services

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Know Your Customer (KYC)

Easy, frictionless customer onboarding for secure identification and authentication.
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Secure ATM Services

Replaces traditional pins and passwords and eliminates the need for ATM cards.
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User & Transaction Authentication

Ensures that only the rightful account owner can authorize transactions.

Regulatory Compliance

Undeniable proof of presence with audit trail documents for KYC and AML compliance.
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Access Control

Manages access for authorized users to secured areas and systems.
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Fraud Prevention

Unique physical characteristics prevent identity theft, account takeovers and fraudulent activities.

Leader in Biometric Authentication

Frost & Sullivan evaluated the top global multimodal biometric authentication companies in its latest report – Frost Radar™: Biometric Authentication Solutions, 2022. HID was recognized as a leader in innovation and growth.

See why HID is a top choice for biometric authentication and digital ID solutions. 

Read the full report or view the infographic.

Frost Radar™ GROWTH INDEX NEC Daon Onfida BioCatch FacePhi IDmission Incode Veridium Veridium Jumla Veridas ZK Teco Tech5 Imageware Systems Aware Trust Stamp IDEMIA Sumsub INNOVATION INDEX

Biometrics: A Seamless Way to Balance Convenience and Security

Banking and financial institutions are using biometrics to bring customers a safer and more seamless experience at every customer touchpoint. Watch this video to learn how HID's world-leading facial recognition technology is transforming the banking and financial industry!

Enhance and Secure Banking Services with HID Global's Facial Recognition

HID Biometric Technology Portfolio

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HID Fingerprint Readers and Modules

We offer a variety of fingerprint capture technologies, form factors and security features to meet your banking & finance requirements.

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HID Facial Recognition Solutions

HID’s AI-powered facial recognition solutions quickly identify your employees and customers for an efficient
authentication experience.

What Our Banking & Finance Customers
Say About HID

The convenience of biometrics powers an elevated customer experience while enhancing security at every customer touchpoint along the banking and financial services journey.

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Banco Supervielle Uses Biometrics to Ensure Pension Payments Reach the Right People

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Teachers Federal Credit Union Uses Biometrics for Convenient, Integrated Security

Keep up With HID’s Latest Developments
in Biometrics

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Better Banking Experiences With Biometrics

Strong authentication is critical for financial services, and biometrics offer superior security paired with the convenience of using faces or fingers.

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Why Your Bank Needs Facial Recognition

From Know-Your-Customer, fraud prevention and efficiency gains to enhancing the customer banking experience, biometrics add value across banking and financial institutions.

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