Multi-factor Authentication

Multi-factor authentication requires users verify their identity with a combination of something they have, something they are and something they know. This is the simplest, most secure way to protect data from malware or end user behavior.


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Threats and modes of attack have evolved, but so have strong authentication solutions. Multi-factor authentication (MFA) secures your people and data by requiring a combination of something you have, something you know and something you are.


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HID Global IAM products protect more than 85 million user identities


HID Global issues and manages more than 80% of PIV cards in North America

HID Approve

HID Global empowers organizations to provide users with strong customer authentication anytime, anywhere & protect their digital identities while offering an intuitive experience & unparalleled security.

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"We are seeing extremely rapid adoption rates for our new e-prescribing system, and overwhelmingly positive feedback since its roll-out."

– Dr. David West, Medical Director, Nemours Health Informatics

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Dr. David West

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HID Professional Services is the perfect way to ensure your strong authentication solutions are the most secure, compliant, and cost-effective way to protect your resources and data. From concept to implementation, our experts have the solutions you want for the security you need.

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