HID SAFE™ Risk Analytics

Actionable insights to identify and prevent security threats
charts and graphs on laptop screen

HID SAFE Risk Analytics enables organizations to take the power of their physical security data beyond traditional reporting and use it to predict physical security operations and possible security risks. HID SAFE Risk Analytics utilizes the logs maintained for each device and system and, through the use of predictive analytics and machine learning, transforms this data into critical knowledge and actionable insights. These insights are called Indicators of Compromise (IOCs) and not only help organizations save on their operational expenditures, but also enable preventive actions for a possible threat.

  • Identify high-probability risks while there is still time to act
  • Proactively and automatically take action upon risk discovery
  • Minimize security and compliance risks
  • Analyze behavior across your global infrastructure, regardless of the number of systems involved

Your organization can be aware of potential risks in advance and by applying HID SAFE Risk Analytics Rules, automatically take preventive actions on a threat — potentially preventing a catastrophe.

  • Easily collect data from disparate PACS with ETL (Extract-Transform-Load)
  • Use pre-built Risk Metrics to uncover insider threats and security vulnerabilities or build your own using the Data Analyst Toolbox
  • Review results on the Analytics Dashboard or create your own with the full-featured reporting suite
  • Use the Analytics Best Practice Rule Set to automate responses to a host of common security issues or create custom rules with the intuitive rule editor: revoke access, assign training, send notifications and more

Use HID SAFE Risk Analytics to gain a clear understanding of your organization’s operations and risk levels to enable smarter decisions and greater visibility of activities in high risk areas.