Visitor Management Solutions

HID Global offers visitor management systems that fit every organizational structure. From enterprise to small business, HID SAFE™ Visitor Manager and EasyLobby SVM simplify visitor registration and sign-in, while ensuring compliance and workplace security.

Enhance Your Brand Experience

A visitor’s experience with your organization begins at the front desk. HID visitor management systems help you make a great impression with:

  • Streamlined check-in: Visitor registration and sign in couldn’t be easier; visitors simply scan their photo ID and register at a kiosk.
  • Automated notifications: An employee is alerted at the moment their visitor arrives for a prompt and efficient greeting.
  • Increased efficiency: An employee knows exactly when and where to greet their visitor, saving valuable meeting time.

Product Comparison Matrix

Which HID visitor management solution is right for my organization?
HID visitor management systems support entities of every size, from small workplaces with a single office to global, multi-site organizations. No matter the industry or compliance need, we have a solution to fit your organization.

EasyLobby® SVMHID® SAFEHID® WorkforceID™Best suited forCloud-based. No software to installVisitor pre-registrationSelf-pre-registration configurationEmployee temp badgeEmployee replacement badgeCustomizable visitor badgeMobile access integrationAccess control system integrationLDAP / AD integrationHL7 integrationBiometric supportContractor, tenant, employee modulesCustomizable software experienceISO 27001 certificationReportingLicensingGlobal technical supportFree trialsingle or multi-siteweb-basedstandard workflow supportyesyesyesyesstandard workflow supportyesadvanced workflow supportyesoptional, limited workflowsuser-controlled configurationN/Ayes, standard reportsperpetualyesyesenterprise multi-site w/2500+ IDsweb-basedadvanced workflow supportyesyesyesyesadvanced workflow supportyesadvanced workflow supportyesoptional, advanced workflowsyesyesyes, advanced reportssubscriptionoptionalsingle or multi-site w/ up to 2500 IDsyesweb-basedadvanced workflow supportyesyesyesadvanced workflow supportyesyesyesoptional, advanced workflowsoptionalyesyes, standard reportssubscriptionoptionalyesLearn More >>Learn More >>Learn More >>