Seamless MFA for Healthcare

Offer medical providers and back-office staff secure, easy and rapid authentication to access critical applications, workstations and networks.

Enhance Care and Protect Patient Data

Healthcare professionals critically depend on secure ways to get immediate access to protected health information (PHI) and applications, from any workstation, at any time. Efficient security measures create more time with patients, higher quality patient care and greater satisfaction among clinical staff and patients. IT requires a solution with greater security control that can easily achieve compliance with regulations, while preserving the workflow for doctors and nurses.

HID DigitalPersona® offers a versatile solution for healthcare professionals to gain frictionless access through a broad selection of authentication factors, ensuring secure access for healthcare providers and staff to sensitive healthcare data.

Key Benefits

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Eliminates common and shared passwords, ensuring each user has unique credentials, enhancing password hygiene for healthcare staff
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Incorporates biometrics and other strong authentication factors that do not require password memorization at shared workstations
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Simplifies application access with single sign-on (SSO), allowing seamless log-in to all clinical applications from any computer
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Secures and facilitates access for users roaming across computers that authenticate into a virtualized desktop environment
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Links security with user provisioning, to deploy credentials and apply security policies to new users, ensuring secure authentication for healthcare providers and staff


Allows for monitoring and audits, ensuring that your authentication solution enables an audit trail compliant with HIPAA and HITECH
Something you know Password PIN Something you are Something you have Fingerprint Face Combine with native MS Windows ® functions Smart Cards Access Cards • Writeable • Smart • Proximity Bluetooth Device One-Time Password FIDO 2 Authenticators Where you are IP Address When you act Time frame

Balance Security With a Zero-Touch Experience

With heightened precautions in today’s healthcare environment, DigitalPersona can provide a zero-touch experience. Enroll in biometric factors such as facial recognition or fingerprint identification to authenticate even while wearing an N95 mask or surgical gloves.

Secure Identity Solutions


HID Global offers a selection of smart cards, keys and OTP tokens for organizations looking to merge physical and logical access or wanting multi-credential options, including FIDO and PKI.


Increase security without hindering productivity by leveraging HID's wide array of software capabilities that fit your identity security needs. 

Rapid Adaptability With Full Compliance

Deploy in days with little or no disruption to healthcare administration or providers. Policy-based access as well as 2FA and MFA requirements for HIPAA, HITECH and EPCS healthcare regulatory compliance are made simple.

Award-Winning Multi-Factor Authentication

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does HID provide authentication solutions for healthcare providers and medical staff?

HID offers authentication solutions tailored for healthcare professionals, ensuring secure access to sensitive data and applications. Our range of products, including DigitalPersona, eliminates common passwords, incorporates biometrics and provides seamless single sign-on (SSO) capabilities, enhancing security and convenience for healthcare staff.

What access restrictions does HID offer for healthcare applications?

HID provides robust access control solutions for healthcare applications, ensuring compliance with security regulations. Through products like DigitalPersona, HID enables seamless access with SSO, while also implementing access policies and security measures tailored to the unique needs of healthcare environments.

How does HID ensure password hygiene in healthcare settings?

HID enhances password hygiene in healthcare settings by offering solutions that eliminate common passwords and provide strong authentication options. With products like DigitalPersona, HID ensures each user has unique credentials, reducing the risk of password-related security incidents.

How does HID protect healthcare data in virtualized desktop environments?

HID secures healthcare data in virtualized desktop environments by providing authentication solutions that facilitate secure access for healthcare professionals. Products like DigitalPersona ensure secure authentication for users roaming across computers, maintaining the integrity and confidentiality of healthcare data.

Can HID integrate with existing healthcare systems while ensuring compliance with regulations?

Yes, HID offers seamless integration with existing healthcare systems while ensuring compliance with regulations such as HIPAA and HITECH. Through products like DigitalPersona, HID provides rapid adaptability with full compliance, enabling healthcare organizations to deploy authentication solutions without disruption.

What hardware and software solutions does HID offer to enhance healthcare data security?

HID offers a comprehensive range of hardware and software solutions designed to enhance healthcare data security. From smart cards and keys to authentication software like DigitalPersona, HID provides healthcare organizations with the tools they need to protect sensitive data and comply with regulations.

How does HID ensure a zero-touch experience for healthcare authentication?

HID enables a zero-touch experience for healthcare authentication through innovative biometric solutions and seamless access capabilities. Products like DigitalPersona offer biometric enrollment options such as facial recognition or fingerprint identification, ensuring secure and convenient authentication for healthcare professionals.

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