Biometrics for Defense

Protect nations and assets with speed, confidence and authority.

Identity Verification With Best-in-Class Biometrics

Identity intelligence is an essential component of modern defense.

Proven biometric technologies help protect nations and assets by allowing armed forces to collect, match, store, share, analyze and act with speed, confidence and authority.  

Whether defending the homeland or operating abroad, HID is committed to building exceptional biometric identification and verification systems for missions near and far.

Reliable ID Verification for Defense Operations

Biometrics have deeply established roots in the defense field for critical missions and everyday activities. Superior, high-performing scanners and software from HID accurately capture fingerprints, palm prints or faces to identify and authenticate individuals with precision.

Key biometric-based applications to secure defense environments today include:  

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Background Checks

Verify identities quickly and easily to match individuals across centralized/connected databases.
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Base & Facility Access

Swiftly validate individuals across venues to continuously secure and protect perimeters, access and assets.
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Border Security

Run efficient border checks and migrant registrations with rugged, high-performing biometrics.
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Terrorism Prevention

Cross-check biometrics against terrorist watch lists and databases to identify potential threats.
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Military Criminal Enrollment

Digitize, strengthen and expedite criminal enrollment, tracking and management across facilities.
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Biometrics in the Field

Easily and accurately identify people in real-time with biometric tools in the field of operations.

The United States Army Criminal Investigation Division Command (USACIDC) transitioned to digital criminal booking with HID’s livescan solutions.

How Biometrics Benefit Defense and Intelligence

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Grant the Most Reliable ID Verification

Reliably authenticate individuals based on their own unique biological characteristics.
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Ensure the Highest Levels of National Security

Accurately identify allies and enemies in real-time, with agility and precision.
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Deliver a Simple Authentication Experience

Easily capture and cross-check biometric data via intuitive operation and security by design.
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Conform & Collaborate Among Agencies

Leverage the power of centralized biometric systems between agencies and foreign governments.
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Comply with Regulations

Achieve compliance with today’s biometric privacy regulations.
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Eliminate Anonymity

Conduct real-time, on-the-spot ID checks to deny threat anonymity in combat/contention.
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Digital Transformation

Modernize defense operations through digital integrations.
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Exercise Speed & Responsiveness

Effect quick decisions and actions through faster, more accurate biometric identity verification.

HID’s Biometric Solutions for Defense

HID offers a comprehensive biometric portfolio that includes high-performing scanners and software to accurately capture various modalities, including fingerprints, tenprints, palms and faces. HID’s biometric solutions perform with exceptional precision and speed to support numerous defense programs and applications.

Biometric Technologies

Biometric Software & Middleware

Biometric & Credential Authentication In-Hand

Designed for mobile identity authentication in-field, on-base or at border crossings, the

HID Verifier
Sentry 2.0 performs with speed and simplicity.

Built to operate in real-world conditions — extreme heat/cold, wet/dry, in bright sunlight or night — this rugged handheld biometric and credential reader is a formidable force.

Watch the video to see HID Verifier Sentry 2.0 in action.

Leader in Biometric Authentication

Frost & Sullivan evaluated the top global multimodal biometric authentication companies in its latest report – Frost Radar™: Biometric Authentication Solutions, 2022. HID was recognized as a leader in innovation and growth.

See why HID is a top choice for biometric authentication and digital ID solutions. 

Read the full report or view the infographic.

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Award Recognition for Global Product Leadership

Frost & Sullivan best practices award

Frost & Sullivan awarded HID with the 2023 Product Leadership Award for its best-in-class biometric authentication solutions. Award criteria involved a rigorous assessment of product attributes and business impact.

The impressive breadth of HID’s biometric portfolio — facial recognition, fingerprint capture, as well as tenprint and palm scanners for livescan solutions — contributed to HID earning this distinction.

See why HID biometric authentication solutions excel in the industry. Read the full report.

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Biometrics for Law Enforcement

Our livescan systems for criminal booking and background checks empower agencies to work faster, smarter and safer.

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Biometrics for Civil Government

Our biometric solutions perform with exceptional precision and speed to support governments in protecting and serving citizens around the world.

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