Biometrics in Air Travel

From check-in to boarding, biometric technology delivers fast and accurate identity verification, empowering a secure, seamless travel journey.

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The Travel Journey Starts With Reliable Identity Verification

Identity verification is essential for air travel. To ensure security and safety, the traveler’s identity must be confirmed again and again throughout the airport. Long lines, repeated ID checks and frustrated people fill airport terminals. 

Travelers, airline staff, airport operators and security officers all deserve a better experience.

Biometric ID Verification:
Substantially Improving the Airport Experience

Biometrics are primed to modernize ID verification in air travel, moving passengers through airport checkpoints faster, more easily, more securely and with less hassle. 

When passenger ID verification is powered by secure, accurate biometric technologies like fingerprint or facial recognition — everyone benefits. 

From home to gate, biometric technology revolutionizes the travel experience! 

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Improve the Passenger Experience

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Enhance Airport Security

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Increase Operational Efficiency

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Strengthen Border Control

Biometrics for Passenger Check-In

The seamless travel journey begins with secure mobile or onsite check-in.  

During check-in, the passenger authenticates their government ID, such as a passport, and matches a selfie with their ID photo to create digital travel credentials. The process is quick and efficient, taking only a few seconds to complete.

From there, passengers can glide through airport ID checkpoints — your face is your boarding pass. It’s as simple as it sounds.

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Biometrics for Baggage Drop

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Secure identity verification is achieved with a simple look as passengers leverage AI-powered facial recognition to carry out self-service baggage drop.

Facial recognition can enable a secure link between a traveler and their checked baggage. A rapid facial recognition check removes the burden of a manual identity check, speeds up the overall process and minimizes human errors. 

Easy-to-use, automated ID verification systems improve airport efficiency while reducing the number of staff needed at the baggage stations. 

Biometrics for Airport Security Screening

The most frustrating point in air travel is arguably the security checkpoint. Long lines, confusion, removal of personal items and feelings of stress dominate the experience, leaving travelers exhausted and irritated.

Facial recognition provides relief by rapidly validating the identity of individuals passing through the security checkpoint — removing bottlenecks and stress for both passengers and security officers. 

Incorporating layers of engineering excellence into facial recognition technology — AI, multispectral imaging (MSI) technology and advanced presentation attack detection (PAD) — delivers high matching performance to prevent fraudulent attempts, significantly improving airport security and safety.

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Biometrics Across the Terminal

person using facial recognition at duty free shop

Facial recognition continues to gain traction and is being adopted throughout airport terminals, including VIP lounge access, duty-free shopping and beyond — wherever ID verification is required.

However, each airport is a unique facility: challenging lighting and busy backgrounds are common obstacles to delivering accurate biometric matching. 

Superior facial recognition cameras are designed to solve these setbacks, while also overcoming obstacles to reduce matching bias around diverse traveler demographics.   

Biometrics for Boarding

Pairing facial recognition with sophisticated access gates empowers passengers to “go paperless” and engage in hassle-free self-boarding.  

The biometric self-boarding gate is comprised of HID’s AI-powered U.ARE.U™ Camera Identification System and ASSA ABLOY’s award-winning Speed Gate. It quickly and accurately scans passengers’ faces to verify their ID and allows only authorized travelers to board the plane. 

This biometric self-boarding process eliminates the need to manually check boarding passes and verify IDs — significantly reducing wait times, improving security and decreasing the number of staff required at each boarding area.

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Biometrics for Border Control/Immigration

facial recognition at immigration checkpoint

Biometric technologies — like tenprint scanners or facial recognition — are fast and accurate, making them ideal tools for identity verification in high-traffic, security-intense environments such as airports and border crossings. 

Armed with high-performing biometric and ID document reader technologies, border authorities are empowered to protect citizens and nations while delivering a safer, more efficient travel experience. 

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