Adaptive Authentication

HID provides a robust, end-to-end consumer authentication portfolio to facilitate trust in a digital world.


A Swift & Secure User Experience

Organizations no longer need to choose between security and usability.

The HID authentication platform works behind the scenes to detect real-time inputs and automatically adjust verification methods accordingly.

Easily scalable, the authentication platform can be offered as a service in the cloud or on premise. It is compatible with a wide variety of authentication methods to ensure a seamlessly adaptive, end-to-end customer journey.

Customize Your Authentication Journey

With the option to be deployed in the cloud or on premise — and designed to work with nearly every type of authentication method — HID’s authentication platform is endlessly versatile. One such method, HID ApproveT™, delivers authentication, transaction signing and 3D secure integration all in an industry-leading mobile format.

When combined with the HID Risk Management Solution, the HID consumer authentication platform elevates and streamlines risk-based authentication, providing high security for transactions and log-ins on web and mobile.

HID has been a global leader in security technology for decades. Our service, reliability and experience are trusted by financial institutions, government agencies and regulatory organizations around the world.

An intelligent, scalable and intuitive platform toauthenticate your consumers.UserdesiresaccessAuthentication isrequested by theapplicationAuthenticationvalidated;proceedAuthenticationnot validated;access deniedUser authenticateswith a selectedmethodAuthenticationattempt isprocessed?

One Swipe to Validate

Combining public key-based cryptography with push notifications, the award-winning HID Approve allows users to verify their identity or approve a transaction in seconds. Key features include:
  • Superior Security and Usability — Intuitive user experience combined with the highest security protocols and cryptology standards
  • 3D Secure Authentication — Better protection built in for eWallets, online banking and mobile payments
  • Flexible Deployment — Available on iOS, Android, Microsoft and Apple Mac OS, choose the SDK to integrate with existing applications or the turnkey option
  • Effortless Rebranding — Easily configure colors, logo and fonts to match your brand

See HID Approve in action >>

HID Approve app on phone

What Sets Us Apart

Frictionless User Experience
Adaptive authentication that delivers single sign-on (SSO) gives swift access without reliance on passwords.

A True End-to-End Solution
We can supply every component — from hard tokens to biometrics to ID credentials — but are also compatible with every major standards-based technology.

Seamless Security for Any Industry
Created for and trusted by the world’s most regulated industries, our authentication platform is suitable for any organization.

Scalability to Meet Demand
Cloud-native software can scale to millions of users quickly and easily accommodate peaks in customer demand.

Trusted Digital Identity Provider
A single digital identity from HID allows access to multiple platforms and services.

Highly Compatible
The HID authentication platform is based on open standards — making it easy to integrate with existing systems.

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The Best Solution for Your Organization

Our HID authentication platform offers different deployment options that are each suited to different business needs.

Fits organizations of all sizesCloud-based authenticationFully managed SaaS solutionExtremely scalableRedundancy ensuring continuous operationsAutomatically managed service includinginfrastructure and software upgradesSupports HID Approve app or SDKSOC2 acredited, ISO27001 and GDPR compliantQuicker time to marketLower total cost of ownershipComplements HID’s Risk Management Solutionand Identity Verification ServiceFits organizations of all sizes but is optimal for medium to large organizationsIn-house infrastructure or private cloud-based deployment solution optionsHigh level of customizationSupports HID Approve™ app or SDKComplements HID’s Risk Management Solution and Identity Verification ServiceHID Authentication as a ServiceHID Authentication On-PremiseLearn more >>Learn more >>