Secure Authenticators

Simplify the deployment of physical, frictionless, and digital authenticators. HID Global has one of the widest arrays of authentication methods available—choose the ones that meet the business needs of your organization.

A Wide Selection of Authentication Form Factors

Many decisions go into determining the right authentication factor. For some organizations, the primary focus is security. Whether the need is securely issued high-assurance credentials or NIST-level compliance, HID Global offers hardware tokens, keys, PKI-based smart cards, and biometric authentication.

For other organizations, seamless, simple and almost invisible authentication is the top priority. For these use cases, we offer frictionless and convenient risk-based, behavioral and biometric authentication, and more—enabling a passwordless login.

With one of the widest ranges of authenticators available, HID Global enables organizations to mix-and-match and perfectly balance their deployment needs with security and user convenience—no matter how complex.


Hardware-Based Authentication

Hardware-based physical authenticators are still a good choice for many users. HID Global offers a selection of form factors, including smart cards, USB keys and OTP tokens with choices available for organizations looking to merge physical and logical access to a converged solution.


Software-Based Authentication

Increase productivity and flexibility for end-users who work remotely with mobile-friendly, digital authenticators. Whether you require high-assurance credentials, converged access, or an extra layer of security as part of a multi-factor authentication approach, HID Global provides a comprehensive offering to choose from.

Frictionless Authentication

Reduce user friction, enhance security, and create more efficient business processes with advanced authentication technologies from HID Global. By leveraging the power of behavioral data, biometric recognition, risk-profiling, and continual machine learning, your organization can maximize its security posture.

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Manage the Complete Identity Lifecycle

Creating, managing, and revoking access of authentication credentials is a challenge for any large organization. As part of a complete end-to-end solution, HID Global’s identity lifecycle management solutions allow for secure, automated provisioning and deprovisioning of credentials and digital certificates with the flexibility and scalability needed for today’s growing organizations.

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