Textile RFID Tags

Small, discreet, durable RFID tags for textiles, designed specifically to withstand the harsh conditions of industrial laundry environments.

RFID Laundry Tags for Reliable Textile Identification & Tracking

Our textile RFID tags are built tough from the ground up and engineered to last. Their durable construction guarantees extended longevity and uninterrupted functionality, making them the ideal choice for reliable textile identification and management.

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Rugged RFID Construction for Textile Operations

HID laundry RFID tags are crafted to endure the harshest industrial laundry environments, including heavy wash cycles, high temperatures and exposure to chemicals.
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Unique ID & Contactless, Mass Reading Options

Multiple tags can be read at once to save time and resources, while each, individual textile item is uniquely identified and fast-tracked.
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Discreet & Unobtrusive RFID Tags Made for Textiles

Insert HID’s laundry RFID tags into seams and hems, heat-seal them directly onto fabrics, or sew them into small pouches to enhance your linen management process.
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“HID is our partner in supplying RFID tags for the identification of our personal protective equipment (PPE) and garments. HID’s RFID tags boast robustness and essential certifications. They are renowned for their durability and seamless integration, empowering us to offer our customers intelligent linens and garments, granting a significant competitive edge, particularly in traditional markets where standards dictate the lifespan of each clothing item, a real-time data that is provided through RFID technology.” - CEPOVETT Group

An Extensive Laundry RFID Tag Portfolio

When it comes to laundry management, one size does not fit all. That's why at HID, we offer a diverse range of laundry RFID tag designs to identify and track textile items including bed, bath and table linen, as well as private wear, uniforms and workwear.

Our fabric-based LinTRAK® UHF tags are OEKO-TEX®  Standard 100 Level 1 certified. Our MR-conditional tags can be used in all types of MRI systems found in medical environments.

We provide personalization services for LinTRAK tags such as data encoding and laser marking with barcode, QR code, serial numbers and/or logo. 

We also provide fabric pouches to insert our tags and discreetly sew them onto linen items.

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Textile RFID Tags for a Variety of Applications

HID‘s industry leading RFID textile tags are tailored to meet the unique needs of various applications. Whether you're running a laundry, hotel, hospital, medical care facility, restaurant, gym or any other laundry-intensive operation, our RFID tags are your key to optimizing efficiency and accuracy, and ensuring inventory visibility.

Application Examples:

  • Hotel linen management 
  • Hospital linen tracking 
  • Restaurant tablecloth and napkin control
  • Gym towel management 
  • Spa and wellness center robes and linens 
  • Uniforms and workwear tracking
  • Industrial laundry services
  • Sports team apparel

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are textile RFID tags and how do they work?

Laundry RFID tags are small, durable devices that are similar to care labels and equipped with a unique identifier. They work by using radio frequency technology to transmit data to RFID readers, allowing for automated tracking and management of laundry items.

2. What are the benefits of using textile RFID tags?

Laundry RFID tags offer benefits such as reliable identifiers, improved efficiency, reduced errors, real-time tracking, cost savings and enhanced customer satisfaction. They are much more reliable than barcodes — they resist over 200 wash cycles and serve as reliable identifiers. 

3. Are textile RFID readers, reading stations and software compatible with different laundry equipment?

Yes, laundry RFID components are designed to be compatible with a wide range of laundry equipment and systems, ensuring seamless integration into your existing setup.

4. How are textile RFID tags integrated into textiles?

There are multiple ways of securely and discreetly integrating RFID tags into textiles. Tags can be sewn into a hem or inside a small fabric label. Some RFID tags come with a specific heat-activated adhesive coating on one side so that they can be heat-sealed directly onto the textile. 

5. Do textile RFID tags withstand harsh environments?

Yes, laundry RFID tags are engineered to endure industrial extremes, including exposure to high temperatures, water, chemicals and mechanical stress.

6. What industries can benefit from textile RFID tags?

Laundry RFID tags are versatile and suitable for various industries, including hotels, hospitals, nursing homes, restaurants, gyms, spas and industrial laundry services.

7. How do textile RFID tags, combined with RFID stations and management software, help in reducing operational costs?

Laundry RFID tags optimize resource allocation, reduce manual labor and minimize errors, leading to long-term cost savings in laundry management.

8. Can RFID tags provide real-time tracking and monitoring of textile items?

Yes, RFID tags enable real-time tracking, providing up-to-the-minute information on the location and status of laundry items and on the quality of the linen (i.e., by keeping track of how many wash cycles the linen has gone through). This benefit is especially relevant for hotels that want to provide their customers with high-quality linen.

9. What is the most economic way to implement RFID technology for textile applications?

“Source tagging” is the most economical way of implementing RFID in textile services applications: RFID tags are automatically and seamlessly sewn into textile items directly by the linen manufacturer during production. Source tagging has virtually no cost since it is integrated with no disruption in the linen manufacturing process, unlike manual sewing by laundry staff. HID works with some of the world’s largest linen manufacturers. Learn more about our source tagging solution.

10. Can textile RFID tags be applied to delicate fabrics without causing damage?

Yes, laundry RFID tags are designed to be gentle on fabrics and can be attached securely without causing damage or compromising the integrity of delicate materials, such as personal garments of medical care patients.

11. Are textile RFID tags suitable for medical spaces like MRI machines?

Most of our LinTRAK tags are MR-conditional, making them suitable for use in medical environments. Gowns and linens integrated with LinTRAK tags can be used safely during MRI scans, ensuring seamless, uncompromised procedures for patients. 

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