Physical Identity & Access Management

Meet workplace access policy and regulatory requirements for every identity type. HID offers an integrated approach to physical security through the seamless management of workforce and visitor identities, access policies and analytics.

SAFE Enterprise

Manage the Flow of People with Unified Workplace Access

Multiple identity types can bring many layers of complexity, along with a fair share of frustration, to any organization. Often kept in disparate physical access control systems (PACS), the management of identities and their physical access is a manual process by different departments. Not only are manual processes inefficient, it increases security risk and costs.

HID helps you solve physical identity access management and inefficiencies around multiple identity types.

To provide you with the right solution, we offer:

  • HID SAFE for large workplaces and
  • WorkforceID for small to medium enterprises

HID SAFE for Large Workplaces

Enabling access to the right people, in the right places and at the right times is essential to safeguarding workplaces and facilities. HID SAFE is best suited for complex organizations, is fully customizable and comes tailored to specific verticals:

SAFE for Enterprise
All physical identities within an organization can be centrally and securely managed using the existing infrastructure.

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SAFE for Aviation
Centralize and automate airport worker identity and credential management.

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SAFE for Healthcare
Intelligent patient visitor management
solution designed to meet the unique needs of hospitals and healthcare facilities.

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SAFE for Government
Provides a policy-based approach to managing
and enrolling PIV cardholders into diverse PACS.

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SAFE for Banking
Enables the automation and central management
of workforce and visitor physical access identities

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WorkforceID for Small to Medium Enterprises

Credential issuance and access management for both physical and digital identities has never been easier. Award-winning WorkforceID is an ecosystem of applications that work together seamlessly, without any complex software to install.

Credential Manager
Create, manage & automate employee badging across the identity lifecycle including cloud-based onboarding, card printing & offboarding.

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Visitor Manager
Streamline the visitor experience with touchless visitor sign-in, custom pre-screening and self-service kiosks.

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A simple multi-factor authentication security for all of your users and applications, whether they are at home or on the road.

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Digital Credential Manager
Easily manage and create
cyber security credentials that protect
access to networks and cloud apps.

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Physical Access Orchestration
Automate and orchestrate access
control identity management processes across
multiple physical access control systems.

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SAFE Analytics on computer screen

Predict Workplace Threats Before They Happen

Minimize insider threats and protect high-risk areas with security intelligence dashboards and reports. HID SAFE uses real-time machine-learning-based technology that collects and correlates both cyber and physical identity data, providing you with actionable security insights, and reports.

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Seamlessly Enforce Physical Security Policy

As a modern, web-based solution, there’s no need to install and maintain multiple software instances. The integration of key infrastructure into HID SAFE further streamlines and centralizes the physical access lifecycle.

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Maintain Regulatory and Corporate Compliance

The HID SAFE Policy Engine helps organizations across industries comply with the most stringent regulations and mandates, including:

  • Basel II, GLBA
  • DEA
  • TL-9000
  • Sarbanes-Oxley
  • ISO-2700
  • FIPS 201, HSPD-12 ICAM
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What People Are Saying

Featured Case Study
Explore how HID SAFE helped a university automate and streamline the onboarding and management process of all identities, bringing together multiple locations and departments to achieve better visibility of each one.
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I've been very impressed with the HID team. They are very professional, thorough, andavailable to support the project work. Thequality of the work is very good and my teamappreciates the knowledge that the HIDteam brings as we completed some coredeliverables by a third of the time planned.– Gas & Electric Company in San Francisco, CA