Mobile Identification

HID Global's goID mobile platform is based on field-proven technology that enables the issuance, lifecycle management and verification of mobile identities while protecting the privacy of the citizen.


Secure and Convenient Mobile IDs

Mobile IDs are more convenient, while delivering additional functions and efficiencies when compared to physical documents. HID goID's key features include:

  • Secure Remote Provisioning - data is always protected by end-to-end encryption
  • Off-line Verification - The mobile ID is always available
  • Flexibility by Design - The whole project, down to core functionality can be customized to meet local needs
  • Unsurpassed Privacy Protection - The citizen is always in full control of their own data

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goID™ Applications

Mobile Licenses

Mobile Licenses - From driver's licenses to gun permits to fishing and hunting licenses, mobile IDs can be tailored to meet unique use case requirements.

Digital IDs

Digital IDs - Widespread adoption of secure digital technology has created unprecedented opportunities for the issuance and management of citizen IDs.

Mobile Travel Documents

Mobile Travel Documents - Governments can securely provision, manage and revoke emergency or temporary travel documents, giving travelers greater convenience and peace of mind.

Mobile ID Verification Devices

Choose from a broad suite of mobile ID verification options designed to work with our goID™ mobile ID platform:

  • Mobile Apps: Verification permissions are issued and managed via a mobile app.
  • Verification Fob: A simple, effective device to authenticate a mobile ID in basic transactions.
  • Static Readers: Readers that can be conveniently integrated with existing devices and software that interact with a citizen's device in the same way as a mobile app.
  • Managed Mobile Devices: Tailor-made devices, managed from a central administration platform, enable rapid deployment of verification devices on a large scale.

Consulting Services for Government Programs

HID Global has a 100% success rate in the implementation of complex secure document projects for Government to citizen programs. Our unmatched in-house expertise and wide portfolio of solutions, makes us the right partner to advise on the design, build and delivery of any physical or digital ID management program.

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